About Urban Herd

Urban Herd Universe is the industry trend breaker…

Yup! We said it 😏. The music industry at large is in constant disarray and is overwhelmingly led by trends. At Urban Herd we say f*$@ that noise. Our Media/Music Label and Members Only Club is all about empowering independence. Not trends. We seek to collaborate with those that are looking to up their game, and level up their independent expression.

The business of artistry is a delicate one. Urban herd works to help artists and entrepreneurs reach their goals. Whether you’re looking to polish your presence, streamline your branding, or even create your own label, we have the infrastructure to focus on you and collaborating to make it real. To make it dope. To make it profitable.

The services we offer include music production services and lessons, live entertainment services, a live entertainment workshop, and a local rehearsal studio for entertainers to practice their craft.

Urban Herd’s talented team has years of experience in a variety of creative fields (music and arts), allowing us to provide excellent options in to our customers and the community looking to grow in this industry. Most importantly we support the independent artist movement, and we are all about independent expression.