Urban Herd MC Training

This is a training/workshop designed to develop and/or enhance the skillset of MC’ing an event at any level. The workshop will be lead by Day Kornegay and Drego Moore two High level, experienced Hosts and MC’s. The workshop will be a 4 day/evening program with focused strategies for audience engagement, crowd participation, communicating with planners, coordinators, venues, bands/DJ’s and guests, and dressing the part, learning good anecdotes and using good timing. The areas mentioned will highlight, demonstrate and teach the fine points of mastering MC’ing/Hosting. Participants will have the experience of live simulations in front real audiences on a real stage and will gain access to actual work opportunities via the program. 

Next Workshop Offered: October 2022

Interested?  E-mail booking@urbanherdmedia.com for more information.